Ticket automations not running unless forced

I just noticed that the single ticket automation I have enabled is not running unless I force it to run from the admin menu. Is there a way to verify its running or check history?

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I think this is because, unfortunately, the automations run hourly, with no way of automatically executing it when a trigger occurs, according to the KB.

Good Morning Vlad

Understandable but I had things there that hadn’t been processed in 4 days. When I manually ran the process, it worked as intended


Then I don’t know what to say. A lot of bugs recently.

Hello everyone.

I want to let everyone know that we are facing some issues with Ticket Automatons. We are aware of this issue and our engineers are tirelessly working on a fix.

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Our development team has deployed a fix for this. Please let us know if you see automations that still aren’t running as expected so we can bring this to the dev team’s attention.

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