Ticket Automation to change customer

Hello All,

Is there a way to have ticket automations change the customer?
We have alerts that come in from GravityZone/Monitoring platforms etc, these alerts come from their email address so the ticket is opened for that email address and not the customer that it’s reporting on. Is there way to have the ticket automation check the subject and then set the customer based on that subject?


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I’m guessing by the silence this isn’t possible?

Hi @luke1,

Sorry this was missed. There is no option currently, this would be a feature request.

With that said, you are able to assign the ticket to a specific tech /user.

Also, you should be able to setup an Email Rule to assign to another customer using the Subject Filter.

Thanks @canden.hicks

That looks like a workaround I can live with. I’ve set up a couple of rules this afternoon so we’ll see how it goes in the morning, if all goes well I’ll mark this as the solution.

Thanks for the help!


The rules worked a treat, thanks for that!

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