Ticket automation running almost 12 hours later not every hour

I just opened a ticket with Syncro and the auto-response asked to post here. I have out of business hours ticket automation configured to update a ticket that comes in after hours. The automation ran 12 hours later.
Can this be fix ASAP as these are standard features and it makes it difficult to automate things if there are delays like this. Currently looking at adding more automation and I cannot afford to babysit and verify if they are working every single week. I understand things happen, but things thing that seldom happen seldom is understandable but when it happens all the time it is no longer a one off, it means it is just not working and needs to be fixed.

Can you post your ticket automation so we can look at it?

It is very simple and not complicated at all. Screenshot here:

I haven’t setup a run outside of business hours one, but as long as you have your business hours defined, then it should fire off every hour. Hopefully they get you sorted. They’ve been struggling with automations / script runs lately.

I had issues with this before. It was raised with support 8 months ago (58115). Eventually the ticket was closed by support with last words as following: “Automations are designed to run every hour but there can be a delay for a variety of reasons.”

So don’t get your hopes up.

Support reached out to me stated all is working fine. I tested again this evening and the automation is working.

Does it run immediately or still take an hour? My automation just seems to be hanging out. Plus, if there are custom fields not completed because the user submitted the ticket I don’t think it works at all.

When it finally does run, I never get an email.

It’s every hour, but not on the hour. If it’s taking longer, then Support will need to look into it. I probably should open one, because my automations to change ticket status aren’t working on time either. Someone else said that the email function doesn’t always work.

And yeah, I have some days old and my TA is set for 2 hours and never fired.

I agree I can get my ticket emails to go out to the primary user on the account but the CC is not working.

Correct, ticket automations should run once an hour (this is not set to the top of the hour) - 12 hours would be far too long. Since this will take some testing we’ll follow up with you on your ticket.

FYI, many of us deal with Ticket Automation problems when Business Hours are in the recipe. See here: Ticket automations not working AGAIN - #9 by Jimmie

It’s always nice when I open up a ticket in the morning after a customer reply at 6pm:

UGH! :roll_eyes:

Seems like your automation has a loop in it? If you are just using something like “If subject is customer reply, change priority” then even after it changes the priority, it still satisfies the criteria so it will rerun every hour. You must have it do something that no longer satisfies the criteria, such as changing the subject or filtering on the priority since that’s already changing. “If subject is customer reply, and priority is 1, change priority to 0” That will no longer loop.

I know, but my goal is to flip the ticket to “customer reply” and set the Priority to Zero. If the Outside Business Hours feature worked, I would respond during business hours quickly and have no issue.

I suppose I could create yet another status, like “customer reply 2”, but why not just have an automation feature that runs once and is done…? Or just fix Business Hours…

The business hours fix is just a band-aid to the loop though, I would rather fix the loop in some manner. Will this not satisfy what you are trying to achieve and prevent the loop?

Well that’s something I didn’t think of. I think you may have changed my life. :grin:

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