Ticket Automation Message_

Is there a way to disable the ticket auotmation from leaving the following message
“Automation New ticket assigned ran on this ticket. Actions: Email assignee”
If not can we please ADD something to disable this action? While Its nice to know it ran for debug reasons - I dont like seeing this pop up a million times on tickets either, but still want the action to happen in the time I have set.

Please and thank you.

Also there seems to be an issue with the forum - we can’t have the same titles as others?

Not at the moment but it has been discussed to add a filter option or maybe having it collapsed by default. In reality, they could combine some of them, like we have a TA that adds a public comment when clients haven’t responded. This could be denoted as a TA rather than needing to see a second comment that a TA ran.

That’s what I thought - was just hoping I was blind and didnt see an option yet for it or they secretly added it in. Just at this point its a bit annoying coming to a ticket and seeing a few of these just to find the meat and potatoes on what is going on. I have a feeling I also added something in the past over this…

Updated/Move this ticket over to feature request for now.

Any mods please think about this… same for ticket editing while you are doing your HTML update… really annoying to see these entries and have to scroll down / figure out what is real and what these ticket automation debug messages.