Ticket automation based on dynamic calendar

For example, Snooze a ticket for X amount of days.
For every ticket I snooze, I wanna be able to set a different time.
See more details inside.

@Syncro, please contact me if you don’t understand the request.
Let’s see how quickly this can be implemented.

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You could create some new statuses:
-Snooze 1 day
-Snooze 2 days
-Snooze 7 days

Then create Ticket Automations for each — X amount of hours without an update it will change to New.

Have 100 statuses to choose from. How practical is it?

Just wondering if you went through the below?

I would love to see this option and I completely understand what nherzog is talking about. It’s something we’ve wished for for a long time.

A customer might call us to say that their copier provider is installing a new machine next month on the 23rd. We create a ticket for the tech but then it just sits in their queue for a month or more clogging up the list. And of course you have an angry red ‘LAST UPDATED’ yelling at you after a few days.

Or when doing project work it’s not that uncommon to finish a portion of the work and then need to wait weeks+ for the contractor to get to the point that the rest of the work can be done.

I would love to have this sleep option but with an option that it removes the ticket from a tech’s active ticket list entirely until the specified date/time, of course with a way to view those tickets if you wish to.


Add ticket automation based on a custom fileds?

In this example based on custom Date field, when the date matches custom fields date or its grather, lower, do somthing baesd on the automation.