Third Party Patch Management Policy

Hi there,

Just looking for clarification on how the Add Application option works in the Third Party Patch Management Policy. Mostly on Install and Update.

What exactly is the criteria for Install and Update? If it doesn’t find the application specified does it install it? or does it just check to see if it’s there to update?

I don’t want certain apps deployed to all computers for a site is why i ask. Slack for instance. I would want it deployed/updated for some computers but not all. Couldn’t find any details on this so if somebody can point me in the right direction that would be great.



If it’s not found it installs it and updates it going forward. If you only want some machines to install said app you’d need to have different patching policies for them (and main policies) and apply them to the appropriate devices or policy folders. The other option is to script the install with chocolatey commands and then you could leave them all on the same update if present policy setting.


Thanks. That’s what i figured but wanted to be sure.