The February CyberDrain Community Event Is Now Live!

Our monthly CyberDrain scripting event is now live! This is where you can submit your custom PowerShell script ideas, we pick our two favorites, CyberDrain writes them on our behalf, and we add them to our Community Script Library. This post will remain open until Monday, February 28th to ensure everyone has enough time to promote their script requests.

Remember, please be concise and specific in regard to what you want the script to do specifically. I’m looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

Zero touch office 365 installer that utilises the ODT file stored on syncro and removes any pre installed instances. - useful for the setup of new PC’s

Made a version of this myself but I’m sure it could be implemented better with additional checks implemented.

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We use choco for that.

Create new outlook profile and set is as the default profile.

Saw this article recently with how to do it. I could write the script but haven’t had the time yet. Not sure if others could utilize this. The article was written specifically for Domain users but seems like it could probably be adapted pretty easily to work for non domain with registry edits or local group policy edits.

Script to perform Lenovo System Update updates

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I’d like to see scripts similar to the Dell OpenManage ones CyberDrain did a few months ago - for Lenovo and the IPMI SuperMicro motherboards use.

Both can cause reboots, so run after hours or modify script. If not using standalone chocolatey you’ll need to modify the path variable to syncro’s.

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How about a script to log the WAN address then kill a stolen laptop’s hard drive that is protected with BitLocker: Turn off the auto-unlock and clear the unlock keys and, if possible, clear the TPM at the BIOS/UEFI level.


Thanks for that isaacg. I’d written a script myself following all of the documentation there is on system update but even though I passed the parameter to apply the updates it just downloaded them and prompted the user. I’m assuming you’ve used this and it’s worked for you silently?

I should say my script was able to apply a few updates, but others still seemed to require user intervention. But I’ll test it out for sure. Thanks.

Someone wrote a Lenovo module that (among other things) detects which updates require interaction (attended updates), my script just installs the unattended ones and notifies if there are ones that need manual running. I’m working on a way to maybe do those too, but don’t have many Lenovo machines to test on.

Since we’re talking about professional PowerShell coders here:
A script that combines all of these OEM (Dell, HP, Lenovo, MS, etc.) updating programs and scripts, that so many of us use, into one script that determines the brand, model and applies the correct OEM driver and component updaters, per the customization settings allowed for each. Write a ticket of what was done.
If the device is not supported by anything then trigger a notification.


I’d like an RMM alert when a user created a new network share. (Think about when a copier tech comes in a creates an open/Everyone shared folder).

You should be able to do that by monitoring this event log id:
Windows Security Log Event ID 5142 - A network share object was added.

You’re great, Isaac. I just got my 6008 alerting to work, so I’ll just add this, too.

Hey everyone, thanks for the participation on this thread! It seems most of the suggestions this month already had available scripts and/or workarounds, so I think I am going to have Kelvin provide 2 more scripts from his blog for February.

I also wanted to let folks know we are going to change up how we do these community script suggestions for CyberDrain. We have pinned a new topic to the Scripts category for folks to offer their suggestions on an ongoing basis going forward. This way we always have a healthy amount of suggestions to comb through as the need arises. All future CyberDrain scripting submission requests will take place in that thread.