Technician KPI Report

I need a way to create more detailed reports regarding technician KPI’s.

KPI’s of Interest:
Tickets closed in the last 7 days (my preferred sprint timeframe)
Billable hours (by category) in the last 7 days
Technician Efficiency: Billable Hours / Timeclock Hours
Technician Expense to Company vs Income: (Billable Service Rate X Billable Hours) - (Hourly Technician Rate X Timeclock Hours ) ← If positive, black, if negative, red

I want all of these KPIs in an internal report that I can schedule to my email and my technicians email (individually) every 7 days.

Ideally, I would be able to get an aggregate numbers as well to present on a TV.

If access to the info was available via the API then I would use that, but it isn’t or I haven’t found it.

Anyone out there struggling with this as well?


I love the idea. We’ve gotten a few more syncro reports in the last year, but there are many many more reports needed. This one seems like a great idea, but there are so many other simpler reports that are also missing.

I’ll second this. I need better reporting out of Syncro for technicians and service desk.

Some things I’m looking at:

  • Errors – reopened tickets after 8 hours or some set timeframe?
  • Utilization rates
  • AVG Resolution times per day per tech
  • AVG response time per day per tech
  • Closed tickets per Day per Tech
  • Available Labor hours
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We could also use reporting from within the Flowroute and FreePBX modules:

Phone Calls Taken
Phone Calls Made
Texts Taken
Texts Make

Hey all. This is on my list of items I’d like to tackle for sure, and I totally understand the need. No promises, though. If this is something we move on, would any of you be interested in joining me in a small focus group to discuss further?

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Can you elaborate on Available Labor Hours for me?

Also, the ability to change the ticket dashboard to a Kanban view. My frankenstein Trello/Zapier/Syncro amalgamation, though folksy, leaves a bit to be desired.


By Available Labor Hours, I’m thinking total available time that is not scheduled amongst my technicians. Pretty much it helps a service coordinator/manager and sales to know what projects can be fit in within a certain time frame.

I’d be interested in the focus group. I have 1 or 2 people in my team that would be interested in joining too.

So this is an interesting one. How far out are you typically scheduling projects? And do you have dedicated project folks and dedicated “support” folks, or do they intermix their time?

Right now we’re looking at 1 week out predictions.

Ours are currently mixed but long term goal of project team and help desk being separated. I’d need to be able to separate since there are some managers or leadership team that don’t have project time that should add to the total. Kind of like how I can choose technicians to display for ticket time by technician.

If it’s just one week out is this better served in some type of dispatch calendar view? If it was 1+ months the reporting might make more sense, but for 1 week out I wonder if a dedicated calendar view for this with those figures being represented makes more sense for you. Just thinking out loud, but I assume you’d have a way to flag techs that are support vs project work, or even assign them percentages so a 50/50 tech has 20 hours of on-site time and 20 hours of support time. Thoughts?

I think a dispatch calendar could definitely work for 1 week out.

Per our OPS leader, we want to work towards 1+ months out.

And yes, you’re right on assigning percentages of support vs project work per tech. If we could customize per group or per user, that would be good.

Ok cool. Very good feedback. Much appreciated.

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A general report writer would be even better. Let us build whatever we need.


would love to jump on that focus group currently using a comprehensive spreadsheet that covers alot of this with exported data from the existing reports in syncro


I too love the idea of KPI’s to see profitability per customer.


Any movement on this? I’ve created a pretty extensive excel document to calculate, but I’m needing a quick report, like the Sales and Commission report, that summarizes the different types of labor a tech charged to a customer over a certain time period.


Tech 1 -
Media Labor - 13 hours - $ per hour - total
Desktop Labor - 17 hours - $ per hour - total
Server Labor - 1 hour - $ per hour - total
Network Labor - 1 hour - $ per hour - total


FRIENDS! I am finding a way around this (kinda)

Using Google Sheets because I’m too cheap to pay for a connector

Here’s an example document. Make a copy

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