Teams calling integration

Hi all.

Is there any plan to integrate Teams calling into Syncro?

My business is new, only 12 months old. Hiring a dedicated salesperson in January. Syncro is fairly light on Sales system compared to a dedicated CRM, which is fine. All-in-1’s are usually pretty bad as they try to make too many types of businesses happy. I like Syncro’s dedication to the MSP industry.

I decided to go with Dynamics 365 for my sales guy to manage his pipeline and communications considering its strong integration with other Microsoft products such as Office and Teams.

I use Teams for voice calls. Dynamics 365 now has the ability to track and make Teams calls which is awesome. So my sales team will be covered. Really wish my Support team had the same ability via Syncro.

Sharepoint document management is another Dynamics 365 feature that I wish was also in Syncro. I have a Sharepoint Team called ‘Sales’ which Dynamics uses to store and manage documentation. I also have a Technical Sharepoint team I wish Syncro could use to store and manage documentation.