Tax Rate Invoice Bug?

Hi Syncro Community,

As of today, has anyone noticed an issue with the Tax Rate variable in their templates? Ours is currently not showing in the generated PDF.

We first thought this was due to a template issue however eliminated this by using old templates and reviewing historical invoices.


Hi Andrew, happy to take a look. Was this on any specific invoice? I do see the GST rate appearing on the PDF. If you’d like to provide an example I’ll dig into it.

Hi Alexandra,

Thanks for your reply.

This is applicable on all invoices, new or historical. You can view any client with an invoice to view the issue.

Reference template “Default”. This includes both the “Tax Rate” and “GST” columns.

I’m assuming you can access our Syncro account without issue?


Hi Andrew, indeed- I believe I’ve sussed it out. When viewing the source code of the template, you’ll need to make some adjustments for this to work, here’s what is there now.


You’ll want to make the following changes and update that second tag to be tax inclusive: Customizing Invoice Templates for non-US users