Synology and QNAP Agent

Please consider developing a Synology Agent and a QNAP Agent.
Perhaps after a Linux Agent has been developed.

We have a lot of Synology devices across our customer base and do not have a good way to centrally manage them, like we would a Windows Server used for storage or as a VM host.

BTW: Here is the release notes confirming that Comet Backup release support for a Comet Backup Agent on synology devices.
22.2.0 ‘Elara’ released | Comet Documentation (

Main website
Synology NAS Backup - Comet Backup

One day we would like to see a RMM such as Syncro support Synology devices.
We accept that this might not happen for a long time, and that a Linux Agent would be a logical precondition before a Synology agent is developed, but at we wanted to register our interest. :smile:


I second this. I so wish I could add Synology assets to tickets.

Btw @andrewd, if you have your own Synology server, you can centrally manage (to some extent) customer servers via the CMS package. It would require QuickConnect to be enabled on each customer server though, so use with caution.

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Thanks @jordan. We have a few Synology boxes internally so while I have considered that before I’m not keen to enable Quickconnect for each customer.

Third! This would be great.

You should be able to monitor those devices now via SNMP.

Sorry @Andy, but monitoring synology devices via SNMP is not a suitable alternative/work around.

I see that the requirement and expectation on MSPs to be able to manage Synology boxes is no different to the requirement and expectation on MSPs to be able to manage a Windows Server.

Understood. I don’t think we’ll see a QNAP/Synology agent any time soon, but for those looking for monitoring today it is quite easy to accomplish via SNMP for both products.

You can do this today. You can add custom assets into Syncro for any type of device you like. Each custom asset can have their own unique custom fields as well. Custom assets can be attached to tickets just like Syncro Devices (assets with the Syncro agent deployed).

If you setup a custom (Synology) device with SNMP, that can trip alerts which can automatically open tickets through Automated Remediation.

I created the OID most of us are using for Synology SNMP. I can tell you that the OID does not cover crashed volumes and even worse I am finding out that Synology does not update their SNMP values when things fail. See their community forum here: Monitoring with SNMP - Not reporting issues | Synology Community

My recommendation is to also enable Email Notifications and keep an eye on them.

A linux or synology version woukd be great!