Syncro's Zapier Plugin/API Must Be Updated To Accommodate New Rich-Text Ticketing

The Syncro/Zapier plugin doesn’t seem to be passing the formatting on to the new ticketing system correctly, so a nicely formatted ticket becomes a messy block of text.

Here is Syncro’s ‘Create Ticket’ action in Zapier, nicely formatted and spaced:

And here is what we get in Syncro now:

All the information is there, but it’s just a complete mess as the formatting is being ignored.

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According to the support email I got, they’re aware of rich text not respecting any sort of line breaks. No ETA to fix, but it’s a “high priority”. The most disappointing part, there is no way to roll back until they fix it. I’ve been patient through a lot of growing pains, but my patience is wearing quite thin. They’ve stopped rolling out new accounts to rich text, but if you’ve got it, good luck running your operation if you rely on forms to direct tech work, etc…

Well, “high priority” is a step in the right direction at least I suppose, I’ll keep expectations low though. Thanks for the update.

I’m still shaking my head that they don’t have a way to roll us back to non Rich-Text while they work this out. Completely unacceptable.

The real question is why these changes aren’t being given full and robust shakedowns in a testing environment before being unleashed on the unsuspecting user base in production.

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