@syncromsp why is WorldPay the only ACH provider?

Hello Andy, any updates on this?

No updates yet. Stay tuned.

Just so you know how bad Worldpay is–I’ve been trying to set up ACH with them for over 2 years. I unfortunately have a Worldpay Credit card merchant account, just wanted to add ACH. 2 years later, I am still no closer. I have dozens of emails from Worldpay from their employees who don’t know what elements express is.
Anyway, they are terrible and the lack of choices has severly impacted our company as a result.

I want to keep this at the top of Syncro’s mind. Stripe is easy to use with reasonable ACH fees. I’d love to offer ACH to our clients as some do already for other services not billed via Syncro.

@rance Guess you haven’t seen the updates? :slight_smile: Syncro’s Priorities for Q4

I have not. That’s definitely a pleasant surprise! Thank you!

How did you get around the fact that Syncro doesn’t work with Inc/Ex GST properly?

What do you mean? We set our tax rate to 10% in Syncro and then use the “Taxable” checkbox on products depending on where we are supposed to charge gst and not.

There’s a thread here about how broken the Inc/Ex system is. Syncro has a new version coming for AUS that fixes everything, and treats everything as Ex, and then adds GST at the end. It should hopefully fix all the problems of calculations being a few cents off all the time.

5 more days until the end of the year, I hope they make the deadline for ACH via Stripe. I just found out about WorldPay after switching to Syncro. WorldPay is the WORST I have ever used. The price point is about the same as Stripe so no real money savings. Customer Service is shady, they want way too much personal information, they wanted to add “-MOTO” to my company name for internal tracking which ticked me off, and now they want bank statements to prove I’m not a bad guy. Well, I want their bank statements to prove to me they are not bad people! I really HATE that company.

It’s still coming out relatively soon, but it won’t be readily available by the end of this year.

Kicking the tires on Syncro and came across this thread on the WorldPay Shop of Horrors. It’s been 10 days since the last post. Andy, how are you doing on Stripe ACH integration?

Stripe ACH is in testing with volunteers now. Haven’t seen an ETA (Syncro rarely does).

We just switched to our bank for merchant services because of how bad Worldpay and Check Commerce have been to us. The Worldpay/Check Commerce solution is not as cheap as they make it out to be. And you don’t want to fall for Worldpay’s vicious contract terms. Also, check commerce is holding funds hostage in the form of “reserve”. Let’s see if I ever get that money back after I cancel. They said I will, but I’m not holding my breath.

I know they said Authorize.net is a “legacy” feature, but I just started using it with no plans to go anywhere else by virtue of our relationship with our bank. I’ll handle my own billing and consider another PSA if they kill or otherwise let rot the Authorize.net integration.

I know people love the modern Stripe solution, but they are extremely expensive in the face of true interchange+ pricing (such as from my bank, or even Worldpay), You also have to deal with Stripe’s automated processes if you have an issue. Heck, even Stripe’s own automated processes cause the issues (such as “flagged” transactions or even entire merchant accounts. All because an algorithm says so). I prefer to have my bank in charge of merchant services. I can drive down the road to the local branch and get help in-person. And they have a modern solution with Authorize.net. Oh, and I can use their ACH service which is markedly less expensive than Check Commerce all while offering more flexibility.

I’m not sure who decided to get in bed with Worldpay over Authorize.net, but I have questions… such as, why?

It’s still being tested with a small number of users. No ETA yet but rest assured we’re hard at work on getting it delivered.

Hello, are there any updates on alternative ACH processors?

No updates at this time.

Okay. I have a ticket into Syncro support currently for the WorldPay ACH. Cannot find how to even get that setup and don’t have hours to waste trying to make heads or tails of it. Since WorldPay is a preferred Syncro partner I would assume Syncro would at least have a link to the WorldPay (Element Express) sign up page/documentation.

If you have WorldPay Credit Card Processing enabled, but are having issues with the ACH, the shortest path is to reach out direct to World pay to send you that paperwork to enable ACH processing (Their branch is called CheckCommerce) and also make sure your agent enables PASS Tokenization on your account, or when you enter all the information into Syncro to enable that, you won’t be able to store anything or run payments, etc.

This just in from Syncro’s new CPTO:

Stripe ACH Update

You may have heard that we were working on a project to bring Stripe ACH to our platform. We know that providing choice in payment providers is very important to you however I have made the hard decision that we will be pausing work on Stripe ACH for the time being. I am pausing this work after evaluating our approach to the solution and concluding that it isn’t fit for production. Let me reassure you that we will be investing to provide more choice in payment providers. We are currently in discovery with new payment provider options and will have something to share with the community in the latter half of the year.