@syncromsp why is WorldPay the only ACH provider?

Can someone at Syncro please speak to why the only ACH provider is Worldpay. They happen to be one of the worst payment processors available. I get that there is an agreement between SyncroMSP and WorldPay, but for the love of all that is holy would someone at Syncro be upfront about whether that agreement precludes enabling ACH with someone else?

Authorize.net and Stripe both offer ACH. Stripe’s API for ACH is dead simple. Your customers have asked for it for YEARS and yet …



Hi @peet,

We are actively looking into the possibility of adding additional ACH providers, I do not have a set timeline but I do know the conversation is happening.


Thank the Fates. It cannot happen soon enough. Syncro’s relationship with WolrdPay really is a huge black mark on the product.

Unfortunately that has been the answer for years at this point.


@canden.hicks @isaacg

Isaac, I get that it’s still wishful thinking. For me though, this is the first time I’ve seen Syncro say that it’s being actively looked at. Maybe Andy’s said it too many times on FB that it went out of my head.

Perhaps the influx of from the rapid growth Andy’s mentioned will allow a graceful exit from whatever insane stranglehold WoldPay has on Syncro?

Thanks for the reality-check … my breath is not being held.


ACH through Stripe would be sick.


Couldn’t agree more.

I’d settle for a Square integration, since their ACH is only 1% and they pay interest!

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Is there a way to handle this from Xero integration?

We are desperate for a paygate that is not ridiculously expensive and sucks all the margin out of anything we do.

P.S. Please make sure when you implement this there is an option for Australia. You have a few fans down under.

I would love to see square or other stripe based integrations with an agreement that MSPs don’t violate their terms of service. I had an entire $1,400 transaction reversed because I sold a smarthome integration with TVs and a roborock vacuum cleaner and apparently that falls under the same category as assault rifles :thinking:

I have been asking for Tyro integration for over 2 years now and they haven’t even started looking at it. From people I’ve spoken to it would take less than a month of dev time to get done.

I absolutely and completely agree.

I am using Melio for ACH which has been bought out by Intuit, syncs with quickbooks online and $0.00 for ACH and credit cards offers setup to charge you or your customer to pay the 2% processing fee.

We do it from a Xero integration, also Aus. You set Syncro to automatically generate and push the invoices to Xero. Have the branding template you like set to default in Xero and integrate with your Aussie payment provider of choice from there.

Only real problems are some of the description formatting on the line items is lost in the sync and you have to manually go into Xero and click email on the invoices for them to actually go out.

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We might have to resort to that now that we’ve made the change from Break/Fix to MSP and need to manage 12 month contracts that I want automatically debited.

Syncro just don’t seem interested in making any changes to their payment providers, literally been waiting for years which is extremely frustrating.

As much as I love Syncro in so many ways, the outright sluggish response to what I would consider mandatory features, now stretching into years is fast becoming the catalyst for us moving onto another PSA.

There’s only so many “workarounds” you can do before it’s the last straw.

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How do you make it so Syncro doesn’t send the invoices? I have Xero integration already sorted and working pretty well but the invoices come from Syncro, not Xero. Is there a way to set all (or even better individual clients) invoices in draft form on creation, particularly for Recurring Invoices? Estimates have draft state, but not Invoices as far as I can see. Do you have to tick each client record with “No Billing Emails” on creation? They still have to receive ticket emails so can’t turn it off completely.

If so…urgh…the admin I have coming.

And yes, the stuff it cuts off going into Xero is painful. I have some very long descriptions go into invoices as we still have break/fix clients that have ticket info go into the invoice line item. I find it heads off a lot of phone calls.

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I’m not sure how we have done it (afaik we just don’t ever click send from Syncro) but our invoices don’t leave via Syncro. Our auto debit is all done via a third party that integrates with Xero. All of our invoices are created via Syncro’s reoccurring invoices module. Are you clicking send in Syncro? We click send in Xero.

No clicking, invoices generate and send automatically for recurring.

Hi guys, What’s the ETA on that Stripe ACH integration?
It would help out a lot of your customers, it’s a no brainer, given how easy it would be to implement…

Please let us know,

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This was briefly mentioned here:

Can’t remember exactly as it was a long video but it was something to the effect of just wait. - nicer terms were used I’m sure, I just have a terrible memory.

Either way worth a watch some interesting stuff.