Syncro.Service.Runner asking for permission

I am seeing multiple instances this morning where a window is popping up on the computer and it is the Syncro.Service.Riunner asking if I want to allow this app to make changes to the computer. Why is this starting to happen? I am assuming Syncro has released an update to the agent, but it has never popped up like this. My clients should not have to deal with this.

Mary Burger

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@ComputerDiva I’m going to have somebody on the team reach out to you in a ticket. We want to take a closer look at those assets that are generating these prompts.

Thank you! I appreciate the follow up.

I’ve noticed the same prompt on my own endpoint today also.



I have not yet been contacted by anyone on the Syncro team.


Hello @ComputerDiva It does appear a member of our support team opened a request on your behalf and sent a follow-up yesterday morning. I will private message you regarding further information.