Syncro Service has started to break across a number of servers

Hello all. Over the last couple of weeks we have found the Syncro Service has been restarting and getting stuck starting. The only way tot get the service running again has been to reboot the server. That’s a bit of a nightmare when its a host server.
Anyone else experiencing this? Happened to around 7 or 8 servers now.


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Have you confirmed those machines experiencing issues are on the newest version?

I have a couple of 2016 servers this is happening to. What is the best way to check the syncro agent version, and upgrade it?

I believe the newest agent version is 1.0.165. The agents should automatically update, and the issue being discussed (which was resolved a while back) above specifically related to Server 2012 R2 so your issue may be different.

To see the agent version, drill into any Asset record and along the left hand side you should have an entry for “Agent Version.” Let me know if the machines experiencing issues appear to have vastly out of date agents.

@Andy , it’s listed on each asset but that just shows what’s installed. There is no where in the dashboard that shows what the current version is. This would be known if we had it displayed in the HUD somewhere along the bottom. Or even a proper release notes version page that showed what was fixed in each version.

Hey Mike - You are just asking for a place to see the current agent version period, regardless of what is installed where yeah?

Correct. It would be helpful to know what version you guys are on so we can compare and be able to tell if an agent has fallen behind. Maybe make the agent version a clickable link to the release notes that show the most recent version. Or put it at the bottom of the HUD in a field similar to how the notifications and logged in user are located.

We actually talked about this a few years ago. You said you noted it.

Ok I made a note on the agent version thing. I think it’s a good idea. To be clear, I am not sure linking release notes with the agent specifically would necessarily matter as many updates are items that don’t involve the agent at all. The web doesn’t necessarily have a concept of versions, just the agent. So for example the entirety of HTML-ticket support wouldn’t be reflected at all in an agent version.

Also, fwiw I like the idea of putting that into the HUD. I really find most things in the HUD not super useful at the moment…