Syncro RMM agent installation problem with Windows 11 *solved*

I was trying to run an agent on two computers with Windows 11, and after the admin confirmation, the installation just stopped, and nothing happened.
After poking around for an hour, I tried to run it from the command line and got an error code:
“The application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000135”
I needed to re-enable .NET Framework 3.5 and Windows Communication Foundation in the Windows Features. Run fine after I’ve enabled the NET Framework 3.5

This needs to be addressed.


Not sure it needs to be “address” as its been a requirement for a while. More surprise it wasn’t enable already.

New computer out of the box, not enabled on Windows 11.
Maybe a disclaimer, pop-up when trying to install, automatic detection that this option is turned off and enabled it.
Just stop in the beginning of the installation isn’t right.

Got cha! Maybe something new with W11 then. I remember it asking before at least for Windows 10.

I’ve installed Syncro on a number of new desktops and laptops with Win 11, and not seen this problem.
Are these whitelabel boxes, consumer brand boxes, or business brand boxes?

Lenovo M720Q windows pro, installation started with the windows welcome screen and the Lenovo disclaimer
I know that it’s strange that this function was turned off, I’ve installed it on other windows 11 before with no problem.
The absence of any warning, any kind of pop-up that let you know that you’re missing a windows component. It’s just stop and let you figure out what’s going on.

Ahhh, most the PCs I have installed with Syncro have been HP Business machines.
A couple of older Lenovo’s, but maybe they already had .NET framework 3.5 enabled.

I would recommend - because this is more of a bug than a feature request is to report it to Syncro under a ticket and link to here. This way we can maybe answer some of their questions in one shot as well.