Syncro Referral Program

Now you can refer your fellow MSPs to Syncro and earn some cash in the process!

What is the Syncro Referral Program?

The Syncro Referral Program is an exciting opportunity to be rewarded for spreading the good word about Syncro to your fellow MSP friends. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to those of you who continue to refer our platform to people in your network.

When you refer someone to Syncro, once they have paid for six months of Syncro on any plan type, you’ll receive a $500 gift card of your choosing and so will they. There’s no limit to the number of accounts you can refer, so if you refer five Syncro customers, you’ll earn $2,500! :)

The Spirit of our Referral Program

The main idea here is that we think letting others know about Syncro can be really helpful to everyone.

You can help your MSP friends grow their business and save money by switching to Syncro, and the more Syncro users there are, the more we're able to build a better and better system for you!

How it works

You can sign up here to become a member of our referral program, where you’ll receive a unique code automatically generated for you to start sharing with your friends.

Complete the form on the registration page to get started. If you have a Syncro account, please use your Syncro account email address in the Email field.

After completing the form, you’ll be taken to your Member Dashboard page.

  1. My Dashboard: This page visible in the screenshot. Here you have various options to take advantage of in order to start sharing your unique referral link to earn credit for each referral you generate. As you click through each icon option to share with your network, you’ll notice pre-populated text available to help you quickly and easily share your link and inform your network about the advantages of utilizing/switching to Syncro.
  2. My Referrals: Track your referrals and their status.
  3. My Rewards: Track your referral rewards.
  4. Account: Update your profile (name, email, phone, date of birth, and password) or logout.
  5. Social media templates: Click the desired platform—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest—and it will open a beautiful graphic template in that platform with your unique referral link. Share on as many as you like.
  6. Email templates: Click the desired email program—Gmail, default email, Yahoo, or Outlook—and it will create an email in that program with a templated message and your unique referral link. Feel free to customize the message.
  7. Click Copy to copy the referral link to the clipboard and then share however you like.

When a referral clicks on your unique referral link, they’ll be taken to a referral inquiry page containing more information about Syncro, how the Syncro Referral Program works, as well as the most important step: a form for them to complete.

From here, the next step is for your referral to create a Syncro account (using the same email address they used when they completed the form). Someone from our team will also follow up with them soon after completing the form!

When your referral has paid for two consecutive months of their Syncro subscription, our team will be notified and approve the referral. You will then each receive an email from the Syncro team with instructions on how to claim your gift card!

Terms and Conditions

  • Only applicable for first-time Syncro customer referrals (i.e. if someone was already a Syncro customer and cancelled their subscription, they cannot take advantage of the Syncro Referral Program if they’d like to become a Syncro customer once again).
  • Your referral must create a valid Syncro account and pay for six months of any subscription plan in order for the reward to be paid out to both the referrer and referral.
  • The referral payout can only be claimed by a single Syncro user of the referrer account (i.e. company X’s signup can't be claimed by company X's user A and user B, but only one of these). Similarly, the referral payout can only be claimed by the most recent referring member, in the event that a referral clicks on two individual referral links.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can generate, and referral program payouts don't have an expiration date!


Question: Who can sign up for the Syncro Referral Program to start referring Syncro?

Answer: Anyone can sign up to become a Syncro referrer! You don’t have to be a Syncro customer.

Question: What do I do if I forgot my password?

Answer: Click this login link, then click Forgot password? and follow the instructions on the page to create a new password.

Question: Where can I find my referral code/referral link?

Answer: Your unique referral link is automatically generated after you sign up to become a member of the Syncro Referral Program. The link appears in the bottom-right corner of your member dashboard page.

Question: What rewards can I earn and how do I claim and receive them?

Answer: For every Syncro customer you refer, you earn a $500 USD gift card of your choosing and so do they. We use a gift card distribution company called Tango to fulfill your digital gift card order. While the options that appear seem to focus solely on the “US/Canada,” there are several options listed within Tango that will work in most countries.

After your referral has paid for six months of any Syncro subscription plan (or six months have passed if they’re on an annual subscription), then our team will review, and you both will be notified via email containing instructions on how to claim your gift card.

If you have any general questions regarding the gift card distribution, please email directly.

In order for your referrals to count, your referral must do the following:

  1. Click on your referral link and complete the form on the page.
  2. Sign up for a Syncro account.
  3. Pay for six months of any Syncro subscription.

Question: How do I know if I’ve made a successful referral?

Answer: Your referrals are tracked inside of your Syncro Referral Program account. Click the My Referrals tab to see a list of referrals who have completed the form on the referral page you sent them to.

“Pending” means your referral has indicated interest in Syncro, but has not yet met the criteria for the referral reward.

“Completed” means your referral has met the criteria for the referral reward and you both should receive emails with instructions on how to claim your gift card reward after the Syncro team has reviewed the information.

Your pending referrals never expire, meaning you will both receive the referral reward after the referral has paid for six months of any Syncro subscription. In other words, if your referral signs up for a Syncro account, but they wait several months before becoming a Syncro customer, you will still receive your gift card at any point in time once they have paid for six months of Syncro.

Question: Who can I refer?

Answer: This offer is available for first-time Syncro customers. Anyone who is not an ex-Syncro customer, in a current trial or currently paying for Syncro can become a referral.

Question: What if a friend signs up but forgets to use my link or code? Can my friend enter my code or link after creating an account? Can my friend apply my referral code after making a purchase?

A friend who signs up for a Syncro account and/or pays for a Syncro subscription without using your referral link cannot apply the offer retroactively.

Question: Where can I reach out if my question wasn’t answered here?

Answer: Please reach out to with any questions.