Syncro octopus icon showing in bar, cant remove

I have a Syncro octopus icon showing in the bar, I
Screenshot from 2022-03-21 11-54-17
cant figure out how to remove it. Click on it does nothing. My branded Icon is also there and is working fine. Any help would be great.

Hi Miles, that’s interesting- if you open up the task manager does this icon show anywhere on the processes list? If not, is it persisting after a reboot?

I dont see a process with this icon, and yes it is there after a full reboot. this had the v1 agent on it originally but looks like it upgraded fine.

Odd, I have never seen that before! I would recommend reinstalling the agent. When you go to install again, generate a new installer from the ‘new asset’ button. My suspicion is that there’s something leftover from the older version.

I always find this funny, do you guys forget your product caters to computer techs. Of course, I have already tried uninstalling the agent. I used the term command provided in the KB article. Yes, I created a new installer and ran it. These are the 1st basic steps anyone should do. After that, I posted here. Hopefully, you have another suggestion. Do you have a deeper removal script like there is for windows when it doesn’t uninstall cleanly?

If it’s not stated as something that has been tried, then I do mention it. I could be talking to anyone, not just computer techs, and it’s good to hear back on what steps have been tried or not so I know what to rule out. If I assumed, I’d often be wrong.

I’m going to start a ticket for you so you can send over the icon file and we’ll see if we can get that cleared up.

I’m right there with you when it comes to getting support feeling like the first couple steps are things anyone should have done… until I start reading posts in some IT forums and remember just because someone is a computer tech doesn’t mean they necessarily think through all the things they should have tried before asking for help.

ps, I don’t recall running into Alexandra until the last 2 or 3 months, but she’s typically pretty spot on with guidance. Obviously, you have little bit more interesting bug than most.

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Yeah, I’m working on it. I see those questions in those groups too. I am trying to remember there’s the reason for the term “trunk Slammer” LOL. They make us all look bad