Syncro is crashing Mac

We have found that Syncro caused extreme performance issues across all Macs, including 100% CPU utilization. We have started removing Syncro from all Mac to resolve these performance issues.

We have no recent reports of this, and we’ve had it the agent available in open beta for some time. If you haven’t already, please open a ticket so our team can have a look.

My team is opening tickets. Figure I would put here in case others are having similar issues.

Thanks, much appreciated.

How are you seeing this? Users reporting slowness then a tech remotes on and looks at CPU usage? Or is there an alert that you are getting?

We get complaints from user stating Mac is not responding and performance is poor. While investigating we find the Syncro agent consuming too many resources. Once the agent is removed from the Mac, performance returns to normal and all is well.

Just got notice of a new Mac agent. So far, looking very good.

Thank you, Syncro team!


We are getting these RMM alerts on several Apple Macs. I thought it was an anomaly, but the Top Consumers does add up.

RMM Alert
Paul’s iMac
Client: (Customer: xxxxxx).

Cpu Monitoring: Alert when CPU usage is over 98% for 1 hour
Current CPU Usage: 99.00%
Top consumers:
8.23% | ID: 83338 | Microsoft Outlo
0.05% | ID: 2357 | SyncroDesktop.U
0.04% | ID: 78451 | SyncroDesktop.H
0.01% | ID: 78600 | SyncroDesktop.S
0.01% | ID: 256 | WindowServer

I’d send a note to support if you are seeing erroneous CPU usage alerts.

Seeing the same for RAM alerts - reporting over 90% for an hour, but Activity Monitor disagrees. I have opened a ticket, which was closed. Opened another one today.

Yep - we are seeing the same RAM alerts

Hi All,

I see that this was part of an open bug our devs have worked on. It should be resolved now. If you find you are still having the issue, please comment on your open ticket or create a new one with fresh examples.