Syncro invoice numbers and Quickbooks Online

I just transitioned from Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online. When I was using Desktop I had invoices importing from Syncro using invoice numbers like 100xxx where. In Quickbooks Desktop I had invoice number set to 4xxx. When invoices import from Syncro they would use the 100xxx format in QB and if I created a manual invoice in QB it would use the 4xxx numbering. Perfect!

But now that I am syncing invoices into QB Online I am having an issue keeping my QB internal number. QB wants to sequence up to the next 100xxx number when I manually create an invoice. I tried setting it back to the other format but it automatically changes the next time a 100xxx invoice comes in from Syncro. Since QB doesn’t send invoices back to syncro I end up with duplicate invoice numbers because Syncro doesn’t know that QB used a certain #.

Does anyone have the same issue and have a fix for it?

This is a little tricky. What I would do is use a prefix in QBO. We do this with ours because we have a sales person that only uses QB. So his invoices start with QB. You should be able to follow this to enable custom transaction numbers.

Here’s the catch. Generate an invoice and give it a prefix. Save it. Generate a new one and make sure it’s following the scheme. Then turn off customer transaction numbers. QB will still follow the scheme. If you do not turn it back off, when Syncro syncs an invoice, it will force QB to follow that scheme thinking you manually set the transaction number.

Looking at your link I don’t have the options mentioned in Option 1.

Using Option 2 I found that I already had custom transaction numbers on. So I created a new invoice which initially used my Syncro number scheme. So I edited that number to be the scheme I want for native QB invoices and I saved it. I created another invoice and it followed the proper number scheme. Then I turned off custom transaction numbers. When I created a new invoice, the Invoice Number said ‘generated’ but then the invoice page quickly refreshed and revealed an invoice number which I could edit! I looked at the custom transaction numbers setting and it had automatically been enabled!

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or not. I HATE qb online!

At least you are in the right place, but you definitely need to figure out how to keep the customer transaction numbers off for it to work. Option 2 is where my setting is as well.

It turns out that I had to clear my cache/cookies related to Intuit and then this setting would stick.