Syncro Invoice Descriptions syncing to Quickbooks Online

We currently use Quickbooks online for managing payments and sending invoices out. This is a change from previously sending out invoices directly from Syncro.

What we are experiencing is that the description field of our labour item that carries the ticket comment into the invoice isn’t coming across in QB invoice. The description in QB is just the default description for the inventory item Labor. Anybody have a fix for this? Our customers are getting invoices that just say Labor with no detail about the work that was completed.

Looks fine on our end. The ticket work carries over into our invoices. I looked around and don’t see any option in the QB sync, but I’m curious about Admin > Invoices > Preferences > Do not include the Ticket details on the Invoice PDF is enabled or disabled and if this has an effect on what syncs over to QBO. We do not have this checked. Does the info show up on the invoice in Syncro just not in QBO?

Hi @mjamaly

I see that you created a support ticket for this which may have resolved your issue. Please feel free to reach out to support again if needed.