Syncro icon not showing in System Tray

Why does the Syncro icon not show sometimes, if I manually restart the Syncro service it will show. Just did on one asset but it shows the original Syncro icon and not my customized icon.

Do you have other connectivity issues like agents showing offline when they are on, SL not working, or ST not working? Could be a firewall issue, might have to whitelist their domains. I haven’t had the issue with Syncro, but other RMMs, if it wasn’t connecting properly, it couldn’t sync and get our branded icon. I’ve only seen the missing icon on new installs, but it has been rare. CWA was horrid for this, we couldn’t use the ticket system because of it. When you restarted, it pulsed every 10 minutes to check if the icon was loaded and then loaded it, so on restart, it would take 10 minutes to show up and customer’s always called saying they can’t submit a ticket because the icon isn’t there.

The icon finally updated. A couple of the ones not showing are in an office with 85 or more other assets showing the icon. I think it may have something to do with how the agents were loaded, it looks like if I manually loaded with a different user, an admin then when logged in as a std local user it might not show icon but Syncro Live and all functions work. I normally install the agent when logged in as the std user and run as admin. Will have to try this out

Hi @jlevy

If you are still experiencing this issue, please send us more details by creating a Support ticket so that we can look into this for you.