Syncro/Hudu Firefox add-on

Hey guys,

We have been using Hudu and Syncro for quite some time. About a year ago I made this small add-on that adds a link on the Syncro UI to the Hudu customer. It will appear on ticket pages and customer pages.

I submitted it to Mozilla for approval a while ago and just got confirmation that it has been approved as a legitimate add-on.

You can get it or check it out here:

Let me know your thoughts. If you like it and have some more suggestions of additional functionality, I would love to hear them.

Edit – You’ll need to add a API keys for the two services in the options page of the add-on.
You will need a SyncroMSP API key that has “customer view details” and “ticket view details” permissions.


Welcome to the community @TomK, and thank you for this wonderful contribution!

@TomK That looks pretty cool, is there any way to get it submitted for Chrome and Edge or are the plug-in systems different enough it would require a full rewrite?

Thanks for contributing Tom!

It doesn’t look like it would be too much effort to make it compatible with chrome/edge. When I get some time I may do that. I really thought I would see what the interest was like for it before putting too much effort into it.

Maybe you can check it out in Firefox and see if you think it’s worth the while?

That’s sweet! We are still on ITG, and this exist in the ITG/Syncro integration, but we have looked at Hudu. Given that Syncro is only officially supported on Chrome, I think it would be a must to have this in Chrome.

Great work Tom, well done! I would be very much behind this on Chrome/Edge Chromium if you can find the time. I’ll keep an eye out for your roadmap! :joy:

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Update – Version 1.3 includes links on the asset page. A link to the customer and a link directly to the asset in Hudu. The asset link requires the asset to have a serial number. The update also requires “Assets - View Details” permissions for the Syncro api key.

Would also love to see this in chrome.

I also would love Chromium!

It won’t let me update the O.P.

As requested, the extension for Chromium based browsers can be found here:

You have to add your API keys in the “extension options”. You can get to that by going to “details” on the extension, then Extension options. – the API key requirements are the same as the FireFox add-on. (see the OP)

You will need a SyncroMSP API key that has “customer view details”, “ticket view details” and “Assets - View Details” permissions.


I am trying to get this chrome ext to work. I have created apis on both hudu and syncro. I put the urls in as the instructions say.
I just dont see any links on the pages I am expecting to.
I am doing this in chrome based edge.

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