Syncro devices offline

We are frustrated with the Syncro services going down and showing an asset offline when it is not offline. We had 6 servers this morning. I sent two of the examples to support. This should be fundamental that we can trust when it says it is offline … it is actually offline.

I’m curious does this happen often to you? We’ve not seen this hardly at all. The only time is if the device is having problems and the service doesn’t run correctly.

It used to be a big problem about a year ago. It has been solid and very infrequent since syncro worked on it. Today was painful.

I had to set up a script to create a scheduled task that runs every 15 minutes on all servers to check that the service is at least running and start it if not. This helped a lot with some servers where the service simply doesn’t start because they are too bogged down with other startup tasks after a reboot.

I do occasionally come across the service just not doing anything though where even though the service is running the device shows as offline and I have to manually restart the service to get it back.

We are also facing this same issue. The assets are showing offline even if they are online. Is there a fix for this?