Syncro Database Backups

After yesterday, disaster with the planned maintenance, are we able to make this a priority in having this fixed please and the automated backup solution restored from being phased out. Just disappointed as a new customer to Syncromsp having to be told nobody uses these function and are being phased out.

and ticket number: 90864


The manual export wont cut it, as I’m trying to save time not loose time or hire someone to to backup for me manually everyday.

Hello! The Database Backups were sunset, but there is still an integration with Dropbox.

I will move this post to the feature request board as it looks like you’d like a CSV format.

If you are experiencing any issues with the dropbox integration, we do have a development case open if you are hitting a 500 error. We’ll get you linked in at

Hi Alexandra,

Still having issues signing in. have tried linking dropbox app from a laptop which the error is still occurring. There is nothing wrong from my end.





I have mentioned this many times. One of the issues was when it was available they charged I think $30-$50 more PER USER to enable it. It just provided CSV copies of things like Customers, and such to DropBox.

We set up something using the API to Download Customers, Contacts, Tickets, TimesEntries… So that’s useful.

Your case is active with development, we’ve got your ticket. This one is in progress and is currently being worked on. We’ll let you know on your ticket once it’s ready.

Definately, we need a total database backup to our local drives - just in case Syncro has a problem, which they did. This needs to be a priority, we should be able to backup and restore our entire data with no issues, particularly with third party apps such as Xero.


If your Syncro data has any chance of containing data that’s subject to HIPAA you need to be careful exporting data to Dropbox. If I understand it correctly, you need to have a Dropbox Business account for the backups to be HIPAA compliant as well.
I would prefer a backup method that is vendor agnostic. i.e. backup to S3 storage.

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I agree with this. A backup where we could specify the location like S3 or Azure blob would be fantastic.

Hello Alexandra,

Can you please advise how to use the Dropbox integration to backup existing tickets?
The link you provided indicates it will only save out the tickets on creation / update.

Also, what happens to ticket attachments?