Syncro Backups retiring


I have seen some screenshots on the FB group of an email from Syncro that says Backups will be retired sometime in September. I am an admittedly small backups user, but have seen no such email . Can someone confirm or deny that status of backups please

Hi David,

Yes, it is true. See our Syncro Backups article for more info.

What prompted the decision? I know a ton of time and effort was put into it.

I just signed up for a new account, and during the discussions and onboarding, there was no mention of this. I would have been going through the effort of migrating current file and folder backups to a solution that is going away in 5 months.

It is certainly your prerogative to retire a feature for any reason, but it seems this should be communicated more effectively.

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I should add that there is currently nothing preventing me from enabling and configuring backups - again with no warning that the service will be removed in 5 months.


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Hey everyone,

I will try my best to address all of the questions and concerns posed here in this thread. So first off, yes, Syncro Backups is in fact moving into an end-of-life state. The email communication regarding this was sent out to the admins of accounts with Syncro Backups enabled last week, and a second email is going out later this week to those same users with some additional details. We will be restricting new signups for Syncro Backups at that time. I apologize to anyone that enabled Syncro Backups between then and now, as we should have done a better job in coordinating those two pieces.

From a business perspective, and I’m going to throw in some personal thoughts here as well, one of the most difficult things to do is to take something you’ve spent significant amounts of time on and then ultimately put an end-of-life stamp on it. No matter how you cut it that simply doesn’t feel good. Not to me, not to the folks that worked on this, and certainly not to the vast array of users that had successfully brought Syncro Backups into their fold.

You all entrust us with your livelihoods and that is something we take very, very seriously. Part of that trust must include a constant evaluation (and re-evaluation) of what we have in place, along with what we’re looking to potentially build next, in our never-ending charge of bringing more and more value to MSPs using our platform. When something misses that mark, we have an obligation to ourselves and to our users to take action. In this instance, we were unable to realize the vision we had laid out for what Syncro Backups would become. The final result wound up being too far away from what we had initially envisioned, particularly due to how deep the integration actually went, and the sheer amount of complexity involved in ensuring it remained a stable and reliable service moving forward. That last part is ultimately what led to making this difficult decision.

This was a wildly ambitious project, and one I was proud to have taken part in. We learned a lot from this endeavor, and while we’ll continue being ambitious moving forward, we’ll be much better prepared for the unexpected. For those of you that know the origin story of Syncro know that Syncro itself was a wildly ambitious project, and here we all are as a result of that undertaking. So while we are truly sorry this feature didn’t wind up delivering in the way we had intended, we are never going to stop trying to find new and unique ways to award MSPs on our platform more efficiency, more profitability, more opportunity, and more value than any other competitive platform on the market.


@Andy This couldn’t have been an easy decision. Although I didn’t adopt Syncro Backups due to price point compared to my current offerings. I do appreciate the constant evaluation of products and offerings under the Syncro name. As a business owner, I’m constantly trying to focus on my “Hedgehog Concept” and avoid the shiny item syndrome all us entrepreneurs fall victim to. I think you guys are doing the right things to focus on the core offerings of an RMM like OS Patching and product stability. Don’t forget one of your biggest differentiators is the deep integration between the PSA and RMM side. The more control we have over the product and the more data that we can get out of it, the more valuable it becomes for businesses that are truly trying to scale. I for one have been trying to solve the issue of getting profitability per client and per tech out of Syncro and it seems very tedious with having to pull a ton of data out via API or CSV and having to massage the data in Excel.

I appreciate the kind words, Matthew.

On the issue of profitability, believe me when I say this is something I have been eager to tackle for some time now. I know just what you are after and all I can say is these types of things are definitely on the radar for 2022.

Two of my biggest asks have been eluded to being addressed in 2022. OS Patching, and Tech Utilization/Client Profitability reporting. It sounds like this is my year!

Should be both our years :).

If only I could get up that way for poker game, It’d be a pinnacle year!

Ah that would be fun. Still trying to get that going :).

Yea this couldn’t have been an easy decision. Personally, coming from someone who made their own RMM I say its one of the hardest things to do after years of hard work and struggles with creating software just to leave it behind. With that said, I am sure its also a load of worry off your shoulders as well. Hopefully whatever comes next just means we are moving towards a better solution:)

While I dont know any of the details, I do wonder does this open the door for more 3rd party plugins/integrations coming in the future? As it would mean less work on your end for supporting the over all platform of said function, but bring more value to the msp users being a one stop shop.

It does open the door to that type of thing for sure, and something we’re likely to look at down the road. That isn’t saying this would ever happen, but it’s not saying it wouldn’t, either. I hope that was just ambiguous enough to get the point across :).

Hopefully, this will free the team up to work on the core product. In addition, there should be work to enable integration with other backup solutions from backup companies dedicated to backups.

Thank you for the info Andy. I received both announcement emails, and I have reached out to Comet to have them take over.

I was an early adopter of Syncro, migrating from Repair Shopr back in November of 2015. The product has advanced tremendously since that time. I have always been, and will continue to be a huge Syncro supporter.

However, I am so disappointed in how this Backup project unfolded. It way hyped for a few months, and then released and took a nosedive. I have been using it, and actually like it. I like the fact that it is integrated with Syncro and the billing is flexible and easy. I like that I can produce a report for the client. I did not like the price, but we only ever paid for the data.

It was a tremendous amount of work to move my clients over to Syncro backup, and the thought of going through that again does not thrill me. I am hoping Comet can do an elegant transition.


It’s June 6th and I’m just now finding out about it as I was in the process of onboarding another client to Syncro Backup. It’s my fault I missed the emails (we all here get what feels like a million emails a day), but with all the Banner dialogs and Popup dialogs that Syncro sends when we login, I feel that one of those methods should have been utilized to better make certain the partners were/are informed as quickly as possible. Well, I guess I’ll get started finding a new solution and then migrating customers to it (a project I don’t have time for like many others here). I sure hope there is a better backup/DR solution coming from Syncro to replace this one.