Syncro Assest Discovery Tool

Oh gotcha! Yea I see what you are saying now.

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I was thinking of when the migration from Heroku to Amazon servers will be completed, hopefully by Q1 2024. Then they can start working on the newer feature requests like this one.

You need to deploy network installs over GPO. We have an MSI for that.

Not every network has a server. The smaller ones are the ones that struggle the most getting remote going. Network probe, or w/e you want to call it opens the doors for showing all unmanaged machines, network devices, and could even provide HTTPS access to network devices. Push installs are just a part of what Syncro could be capable of. The point was, in 2020, the network installer was announced and coming “next month” and it’s been 2 years.

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With default Windows settings (new machine) outside of GPO, you can’t have one machine install an app with full admin rights from another. You’d have to go to the specific machine and basically make a some manual changes for it to work, at which point it makes more sense just to install the RMM agent.

The probe portion is certainly possible as a feature request, but the installation portion isn’t outside of GPO.

I can confirm this is no longer a feature in development.

Yea I was working on a tool my self… kind of came to the same idea. Unless it was preset up with the idea of a admin user…

  1. Either you will deploy by Windows Server or PSTools
  2. You will have to manually setup anyways as the local user might not be the same for non domain computers or in some cases - access said device anyways. Granted, if you already have a Remote tool like SC - you can also silently install over command line as well.

With that said - PSTools deployment was something I was looking into adding and wouldnt really require a whole lot to get going (less messy than setting up GPOs as you can target a computer with a command). Granted, I can’t confirm those tools still work for Windows 11 or any future OS release as time continues.

If you are interested in the idea - let me know - I can see about making such a script/tool though :smiley:

@Andy Yes, GPOs would be the next move - but its possible they are looking for a way to display what devices are there not on board and, if it is possible, to push to it over command vs random shotgun approach. Targeting a single PC with a GPO rule might be a bit of a time waster other wise.

As for everyone else… I do have the following script that does what the OP wanted in the first place for everyone:

Yeah as I mentioned if folks want a “network scanner” that’s certainly a valid feature request. The “network deployment” piece is not, outside of a DC. And if you have a DC then you’re just going to use GPO to deploy your stuff regardless.

I do like the idea of a scanner just to see what’s new in an environment you might not know about…

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That’s kind of an important feature and an ability to enable alerts (probably noisy, but someone will want it). The redirector is also a very nice feature to have and goes with the network scanner. I’d value those over a network install. The network install is mostly handy when you take over a new account, before GPO install is set up.

I am not following the need for the first half. Either way you would still be pretty much just going to a link and then downloading something at the end of the day. Over email, by a tech, or by a link. Just seems like extra steps to pretty much do the same thing anyways - now with extra hardware needed.

It makes sense for synology as the IP can change and or not know how to access the hardware - so a tool to find it for the end user would help a lot there.

Really the best methods will be the following for a deployment tool:

  1. GPOs - domain makes it easy to deploy said software over a number of different OU groups/devices - though limited to domain environments.
  2. PSTools - long as you know an admin user and nothing blocks you (firewall/AV) you can deploy over the network - but need to know a user/deploy one.
  3. Have the user do it - doesnt require man power on your end - and so long as they are a admin of the PC it can be deploy without problems (so long as the end user knows how to do it). Can be done over link by email or direct if you want to setup a DNS name/download link.

@Andy I guess - why isnt there a script/tool/push method to program the GPO rule instead for environments like these? Unless there is and I am not aware of it? Just asking, if not, then it might be a place where we can start looking at adding a script for - or in my case - add it to my “probe” script.

I don’t know what you mean by programming the GPO rule ‘for environments like these.’ You either have a DC in the environment everything is connected to or not. It’s the ‘not’ we can’t do anything about, unfortunately.

What I mean is a script that makes the GPO rule - but base off your answer I assume we don’t have one. I will do a bit of research into doing it over powershell then.

So something like this is my thought:
Syncro sees a “domain” server (or at least its a server with option) → Server Settings Tab → Check Box (Deploy Syncro over GPO) → Syncro Creates GPO on server → Server deploys Syncro across devices.

Another option → Server Settings Tab → Deploy Syncro over PSTool → Drop down → Type Username/Password → Syncro setups a scanning tool → Deploys as it sees new devices/IPs as needed. Sometimes this would work - sometimes it wont.

Customer Tab → Scan network for all devices → List all devices with boxes → Optional Action(s) → Add device as an asset, Deploy over PSTool, setup SNMP.

My probe script so far dos the scanning of network devices - so I just need to add in the above two for deployment actions if anyone would like that? I know I had a request to add an alert method on new devices as well.

Why not have an auto GPO configure option? NinjaRMM has one. It automatically configures the GPO on the DC to deploy the agent.

Syncro would need to detect server roles before they could do anything automatic like that.

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Syncro it self does not even need to know that - just that its a “server” os and then in the tab section give you the option to run the action. At that point its on you to make sure its the correct domain controller.

As I pointed out the above - scripting wise I could make this happen. Looking/doing research into right now.

Right, but he said auto configuration, so in that case, Syncro would need to detect roles to be able to auto deploy anything. I’d prefer a script anyway, I like control :).

Syncro can’t detect whether it’s a DC or not? Yikes.

No, there are no roles listed anywhere.

Hey Gary, did you ever post this on your site? If so, would love a link?

Asset Discovery is something that we need as soon as possible. If Syncro can’t do it, is there any other integration that could notify us when PCs are added to a network that doesn’t have Syncro installed?

I am going to put my 2 cents in for this.

The Discovery feature would be a wonderful feature and I hope it makes it to Syncro in a very near future release.

As for the remote push, if you use something like the helpdesk button (Tier2Technologies) they have a remote command-line option now, so if the machine is online but missing Syncro you can use their command-line to run PowerShell commands since their command-line runs as system and not the logged in user. Also, if you know the admin credentials of the remote machine you could in theory use PowerShell from another unit on the same network to create a ps-session on the remote machine to download and install the Syncro agent.

That’s it for my 2cents.