Syncro Assest Discovery Tool

Hi there,

I would like to submit a feature request for the following;

A asset discovery tool simliar to the way that datto and solarwinds have to automatically discover potential assets on the network and then have a deployment area to automatically push the client out for those particular assets.


I second that! This is valuable.

This can be implemented via script. We have a script that does a network discovery and creates a report. It would not be hard to then use that list to push the agent out. Credentials to the devices is the harder part. You can pass that in as a runtime variable.


Hi Gary,

would you mind sharing the script at all?

Can you share the script? That would be valuable.

This is a rather significant script with a lot of time in it. I will likely post it on my website and put a link here. I may as well try to get some kind of value SEO for my efforts . :slight_smile:


I would like to request a similar tool, as most RMM tools have such modules available now using some sort of probe. We should be able to use any server or asset to run this tool to discover devices on network and install agent using passed credentials.

A script is fine for now but no one wants to share this! I would write from scratch but that will be a bit of work, hate re-inventing the wheel!


Having a dedicated asset discovery tool would be awesome


A push Deploy tool would be better. Search the network for assets and then be able to remotely install. Continuum has this feature and I loved it. That way when GPO doesn’t work.

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I do have something in the works that should help deployment soon. I release version 1.0 to network discovery of devices to add in your assets. 2.0 should help with the deployment to said devices. Keep in mind that would only really work in a domain or hidden admin user environment.

Did this fall off the project board?
Three years ago, on September 25, 2020 Ian Alexander said:

We do have some other interesting things in store as well! Next up on
the networking front we’ll be introducing support for a network installer.
This will scan existing networks for Windows machines that don’t
currently have the Syncro agent installed. Provided you have the admin
credentials, and the firewall allows for remote execution, you’ll be
able to install the Syncro agent onto them remotely over the network.
This one should be coming sometime next month.
Introducing SNMP Support Within Syncro RMM & PSA
Syncro | Introducing SNMP Support Within Syncro RMM & PSA

Lol, I think it’s still within the Soon™ timeframe. PS, it’d be 2 years ago, unless we warped ahead to late 2023.

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Am I missing something? They already have SNMP support for a while now?

It was supposed to have network discovery and push installs, which is different from SNMP.

Oh gotcha! Yea I see what you are saying now.

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I was thinking of when the migration from Heroku to Amazon servers will be completed, hopefully by Q1 2024. Then they can start working on the newer feature requests like this one.

You need to deploy network installs over GPO. We have an MSI for that.

Not every network has a server. The smaller ones are the ones that struggle the most getting remote going. Network probe, or w/e you want to call it opens the doors for showing all unmanaged machines, network devices, and could even provide HTTPS access to network devices. Push installs are just a part of what Syncro could be capable of. The point was, in 2020, the network installer was announced and coming “next month” and it’s been 2 years.

Maybe SyncroMSP doesn’t realize that the world has moved on since SBS 2011. :rofl:
As per the memo from Microsoft we forklifted all our customers with SBS 2011 and Std Domain Controllers into Office 365 long ago. True it is possible to deploy a MSI via Intune, but that doesn’t cover all customers due to the cost.

Only been with Syncro a few months, but I’m detecting a trend. :thinking: