Syncro Agent High CPU Usage

We have deployed the Syncro agent to a number of computers so far and one of these deployments is to a senior technical manager. He is frustrated by the Syncro agent for what he feels is a “poorly written” application. His opinion is based on the CPU utilization charts he sees from Windows Performance monitor for the Syncro processes. He sent us the screenshot below:

Notice the consistent spikes to ~90% throughout the monitoring period.

I have not been able to reproduce this behavior on other systems and no other users have complained as yet. This technical manager has a Intel Core i7-3540M running Windows 10 20H2 and says his system is otherwise performing normally. He has uninstalled the Syncro Agent so I am unable to perform further remote diagnosis. This happens to be a high profile user in our organization so I’m probably only going to get one shot with his laptop to perform any troubleshooting.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might look at? I can grab all of the Syncro Log files obviously. This is a new deployment of Syncro so we don’t have any unusual policies or any automated scripts whatsoever configured yet.

Any insights or ideas anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry I dont really have an answer, but because the CPU is on the older side (3rd gen I think?), I assume it has had all its driver and windows updates then? I know in the past we had one that went a bit wild before we perform all of them.

I know it can also fight with AV that also wants to scan what Synco is doing.

The spikes seem very uniform as well - like it is trying to do something - fails - then trys again.

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I hate to be that guy, but that CPU is 9 years old and is only a 2C/4T CPU. It probably doesn’t take much to tax it out, but there’s probably more going on here with the rest of the hardware being older. The system was never designed for Windows 10. This could be just a blimp on newer CPUs and but like Travis said, it’s weird that it’s repetitive.

That process is the Syncro Live process, so it’s not even the agent. You can exclude policies, scripts, and everything else because Live (Backgrounding Tools) is a different system. Not sure what it would be doing, unless someone has Live open, it shouldn’t be doing much of anything. Not the first report I’ve seen of Live using up resources when no one is using it though.

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I’d also like to see if it’s happening for longer than his basically 2 minute snapshot and that’s it. I’ve not yet seen this behavior, even on old CPUs. So I’d be curious what is actually happening at that point in time.

This post is similar but different. Any connection?

Hard to tell for sure on color coding, but appears to be Overmind service that’s peaking? If so that is the process that tries to restart/repair syncro when a service isn’t started, etc. So something with Syncro may be being blocked or has been disabled (maybe security software or he manually messed with something) and overmind is continually trying to fix it. Process Explorer run as admin may provide some more info. I would imagine overmind puts something in the syncro logs also.

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I would agree, problem is this guy seems to be the type that knows more than anyone else so it’s going to be a tough issue to deal with. Unless he is the decision maker at the organization seems wrong for him to uninstall the agent. And just an observation, mean nothing to this issue, but seems odd for some who is the senior technical manager to be running a 9-year-old CPU. He should know enough to realize his hardware is old and needs to be refreshed. If he is the decision maker for the business, you may be in a tough spot.


Thanks for the replies everyone. This particular user is in fact a decision maker in the organization and has refused previous attempts to refresh their computer. I’m told that the consistent CPU spikes occur while the agent is running and is not limited to a 2 minute period but I have not as yet independently confirmed that. I’ll try to get on his machine and learn what I can with the Syncro Logs and Process Monitor but I suspect this issue will ultimately end up being more political than technical.

I’ll update this thread if I end up learning anything significant. Thanks.

Honestly, if he is willing to work with you on the problem, great! If not, then I would maybe just leave it alone. Log what was communicated and other information about the device and just keep it on hand when question later about any issues. At the end of the day, its still up to to the end user / decision maker and if he is the decision maker - he can only be one at fault.

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Well the great thing about having RMM tools installed is you don’t need to wait to get on his machine for some initial investigation lol. Unless he’s already removed or stopped the agent, use all the backend tools. Transfer the log files you need, check out event logs, etc.

And I agree with Travis lol.

With Syncro having so many problems lately, I’ve been evaluating other options.
I can tell you when I installed the NinjaRMM agent on a couple of my servers, the Syncro process went nuts. I had to uninstall Ninja and it has been fine ever since.

@matt1 You shouldnt install two RMMs much like you shouldnt install two AVs. Both are going to hit the system and the system is going to pause the whole computer as it is busy trying to complete the task.