Syncro Agent for Windows 11 Computer- Computer says the agent version can not run on this computer?

Version of agent can not run on this computer- Please check version and try again.

This is the message I got from a Windows 11 computer- this same agent did work on another Windows 11 computer at the same sight.

Does anyone know what would need to be checked?

I did try to run as administrator and got the same message.

Hi Deanna, is this an installer you’ve had downloaded for a while? Or is this an installer that you have freshly generated by clicking ‘New Asset’?

It was a new version I copied the link and then let that download to computer

Okay! I’m going to get a ticket created for you, I’d like to take a look at the exact error.

This app can’t run on your PC

I think it’s a computer issue. We were able to install on 2 other Windows 11 computers using the same method. I tried several things I found online, but nothing worked.

Any chance this PC is one of those “Windows S” installs?

No, it’s not Windows S. Thanks.

How about this setting?

Tried using elevated CMD to run the install file, but got the same message I posted earlier.

Tried turning of SmartScreen and basically everything else in the Windows Security Center. There is no other AV on the computer at this time.

The logged in user is an administrator on the computer.

Went to the file properties and clicked Compatibility Mode but this did not help either.

I was under Windows Security, App & Browser Control, Reputation Based Protection - turned off everything.

I will have to look at the Apps & Features tomorrow as the client is gone for the day.


I had this problem yesterday with a brand new .exe installer. I downloaded an .msi and that worked.

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