Support Integrated Automated ACH with Stripe, or someone else other than WorldPay

Self Explanatory…
Offer additional ACH integration options. Start with Stripe… Then
then whoever…
WorldPay is non-responsive, too expensive for a monthly fee,
and has frustrated a significant number of users to the extent that they are interested in alternatives.

Please, reference FB post from a few months back that got some interest:



Agreed. Adding a vote for this.

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I would also like to NOT use WorldPay. In fact, I have been trying to get information from them to get singed up and it seems nearly impossible.


I have upvoted this one as well. We definitely need more payment options.

Yeah, I feel like there’s some kind of contract or kickback that they’re getting that’s keeping them from adding additional ACH providers. Stripe is by far the easiest, and the most economical I’ve found for processing ACH’s online. There is a little bit longer of a processing time for Stripe, but not unreasonable.

All my business clients pay by ACH. I have been trying to get a hold of worldpay myself to get ACH setup but I got one phone call from them one evening when I was in the middle of dinner, tried to return the call. No answer, left a voicemail and haven’t gotten so much as an email, phone call, nothing.

The customer ticket and billing portal was one of the main reason why I chose Syncro, but considering all these issues with ACH with world pay is definitely starting to make me wish I had waited another month to make sure I could get worldpay setup instead of just trusting that it would be resolved.

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Their Little Brother PSA, Repair Shopr, integrates with Square, and Square offers ACH at 1% So let’s upvote SQUARE!


I agree 100% it seems really anti competitive and non productive to half implement this payment solution.


I haven’t tried to use Worldpay. We integrated Syncro with Xero, and we’re still handling payments through Xero’s integration with Square.

In my ideal world, I’d have Syncro talking directly to Square and Xero would be relegated to the back end/ledger accounting.

Note that in Australia, Square doesn’t do ACH (as best I know) - credit/debit cards only, and only credit cards in an online/card not present context.

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Prefer to see a/some response from Syncro, rather than this topic being allowed to “auto-close.”

Yes, WorldPay is horrible to deal with. We need ACH through anybody besides them, I’d prefer Stripe, but I’ll take anything but WorldPay. They’re like using AOL dialup when you got broadband available for the same price.