Support for pre-paid retainers desperately needed

Right now Syncro supports prepaid hours. however, we have different rates for hourly services, and are unable to use prepaid hours.

We use prepaid retainers and credit labor invoices from the retainers. Quickbooks tracks retainers in a liability account, so I linked that liability account to the retainer product. Retainer invoices sync perfectly and create the liability.

However, there is no way to track the retainer or or automatically apply that retainer to invoices.

  1. Would like to see a Retainer product category
  2. Would like to see a Retainer field under prepaid hours, with the remaining amount (automatically calculated from the retainer product)
  3. Would like to see an option to automatically credit retainer balances in a recurring invoice template (similar to credits)
  4. Would like to see the retainer product added as a line item credit to the recurring invoices (this allows quickbooks to track the retainer liability appropriately)

I used this information when setting up retainers in quickbooks

This is a huge missing piece in Syncro and would expand it’s capabilities immensely. Currently, my accountant has to spend hours every week calculating retainers and making necessary adjustments, and my team has no way to look in Syncro to check any retainer balances.