Support for Hardware token (YubiKey) for Multi-factor Authentication

I would like to see support for modern protocols that can use a hardware token, such as a YubiKey, for Multi-factor Authentication. It would be much faster than looking up the code from an app on another device and manually typing it in.


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I would also like to see Synco MFA work with YubiKeys.

SSO to Office 365 and/or OAuth, SAML… Then you can take advantage of Conditional access, auditing, different kinds of MFA… Do not waste time on implementing additional MFA types.


I also would like to see MFA with YubiKey

AzureAD SSO and SAML are both excellent suggestions, but implementing FIDO2/U2F hardly constitutes a waste of time.


Another vote for Yubikey support.

This is definitely a feature that would be HUGE! Especially with everything that is going on right now <Cyber-warfare, increased attacks on US companies, and OKTA breach>

To add to the Yubikey feature request… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow multiple hardware keys to be applied, instead of just 1 or 2.

This is the only platform that we use that does not support the use of these keys. It would be greatly appreciated from us and from our clients.

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