Submitting Feature Requests

If you would like to send in a request for a feature that is not currently available in Syncro, please go to our Feature Requests & Suggestions community forum and submit your request there. Let us know why this would be useful, and we'll get that sent to the team right away to be prioritized for consideration.

We are unable to provide confirmation of future implementation, nor an ETA on when a potential feature may be implemented.

The guidelines for posting seem to be missing.

Hi Jimmie,

The header contains the first paragraph of the first post below: “Read me first How to post feature requests.” Check that for the guidelines. Unfortunately, I can’t edit the header separately; it just grabs the first paragraph.

Are you able to pin the post then?

Strange. When I checked yesterday, that post was at the top. But now it doesn’t show at all in the initial list. When I edited it, it shows as pinned. Let me see what I can find out.

In the meantime, here are the guidelines.

  • Before posting please make sure to check that the request doesn’t already exist.
  • We cannot guarantee a feature will be built.
  • Provide a detailed explanation of how the proposed feature will make Syncro more valuable to your business.

To prevent confusion, we simply removed the “Please follow these guidelines before posting” and everything below since it won’t show in the header.