Stripe Integration question

I have signed up for Stripe to integrate with Syncro, but I am told by Stripe that they are going to close my account as computer repair businesses are not an approved business for them.

Has anyone else run into this?

Mary Burger

I’ve seen it mentioned on FB quite a few times. mentions remote technical support in the high risk category. They don’t want to do anything related to IT, even though they could probably have a verification process to vet real companies. Call center scams ruin it for all of us.

Hi Mary, I would recommend working with Stripe to see if you can be approved. We have seen this on occasion, ultimately it’s down to what Stripe decides to do as we don’t have any influence on their final decision.

I responded to them and let them know I was a Syncro user. I asked why there is even a Syncro integration, as all Syncro users are IT related. I have not heard back yet. They are pretty responsive.


Here is the response I got from Stripe:

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your patience while we completed a secondary review of your account.

Per industry guidelines, we are obligated to impose strict limits on the types of businesses we can and can’t support. We’re unable to work with any business that we believe poses elevated financial risk or violates our own policies. In this case, after a thorough review of your account, we have determined that your business falls within these guidelines.

This decision is final and in order to protect our processes, we are unable to provide further details regarding the reason for your account’s closure.
While we understand this is not the news you were looking for, we want to wish you the best as you work to support your business.

— The Stripe team

@ComputerDiva Next time you try this just identify your company as a “consulting company”.

Let’s hope that for those of us using Stripe successfully don’t run into an issue. Before I started using stripe, I used Squareup a bit. It doesn’t integrate, but it has recurring billing, saves cards on file and all that fun stuff. I still have it as a backup.

Both Square and Stripe will close an account with no info and no appeal process. Not only will Square do this on the merchant side, they also do Payroll and closed our account without a reason and the decision was final. Perhaps the Stripe integration predates their policy on IT businesses.

Maybe it does predate it. Might have to suffer with World Pay, which I used years ago under a different name. Sucked then too. I’ll keep going for now though. Hoping I get my billings high enough to warrant a better product, like ConnectBooster or something.

I’m tired of getting calls from CB and telling them no over and over. Their marketing practice turns me off to them. I’ll keep going with and hope one day Syncro will improve the integration.

Oh I don’t care for their methods either. Too expensive for a one man shop with under 10k a month. I’m staying with Stripe as it works for the time being, but I may have to change it some day.