Storage information in wrong order

It seems like the Syncro agent is reporting the storage information in the wrong order under the System Info. For example, we have a server that shows the following information in Windows Disk Management.
Disk 0 - 200GB
Disk 1 - 4096GB
Disk 2 - 50GB

In Syncro portal under the System info. it shows:
HDD 1 - 50GB
HDD 2 - 4096GB
HDD 3 - 200GB

The disk information is in the wrong order. It happens on every agent that has multiple disks. Is this something we can change in a setting in the agent or in the portal so it can report the disk info in the correct order?

To be correct - that screen doesnt show you drive order - it just displays the hard drives it has. Thats why its not in order. Plus, that wouldnt correct either to start with Disk 1 when its an array of disk + other drives - for example like a flash drive that might take over Disk 0 index.

The storage section is lazy and bad in general but they’re unlikely to change it as they don’t really seem to care about the little things. Also doesn’t show drive letters at all. Doesn’t indicate which drive is the system drive. Only the system partition has storage use indicated. No indication of SSDs or interface (nvme/sata). No optical drives at all. And as you said the order doesn’t match Windows order, nor drive letter order.

There is also an issue with the Asset & RMM section if you choose to display the HDD column there, if the device has multimedia slots like MicroSD slots, it will often just report 0GB for the space.

Also the storage section only shows the free space for the system partition. It would be better to show matching drive volume and free space for each drive.