Stop the Tickets page from resizing when changing a status

Not sure if this happens with anyone else, but so far each person I have asked at my company runs into this issue.

When you are on the ticket board view and you go to change the status of a ticket, it will resize the board so where you click is no longer where the drop down is. For example, you click the status of a ticket to change it from ‘New’ to ‘Resolved’ but then it resizes the Status column.
After clicking it looks like this:

It’s super frustrating especially when you are trying to close out multiple tickets or change the contact.

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Oh yeah, that can be super annoying. I’ve brought it before, too.

Also, when a ticket is unassigned, the Assignee box is small, when you click it, it goes full size, but doesn’t bring up the drop down box, you have to click it twice. If you click too fast, it thinks you are selecting no assignee and refreshes the page. This should be a single click action, and not resize. On the ticket screen, it should just stay to a single line to keep the ticket screen uniform. The column width is plenty big enough to accommodate most statuses.