Stop sending email when a ticket reply is received

We currently have our Syncro account linked to Slack for our notifications. If someone replies to a ticket, we are notified in Slack. The problem is we are also receiving a notification email, even thought we’ve turned that off in the notification center. Is there something we can do to stop it from emailing us?

AFAIK, you cannot turn off these internal notifications on replies. We have Teams integration, nothing turned on for email and still receive these.

Hey Neil, what email is it going to?

It goes to the email of whoever the ticket is assigned to. If it’s assigned to me, I will get an email. If it hasn’t been assigned to anyone, it will go to our central mailbox. This is despite email notifications not being enabled in the notification center.

Understood! Currently, the email the tech receives when assigned to a ticket is hard-coded, and when there is no assigned tech the email will go to the “Private Staff Email” field that is listed in Ticket Preferences. This flow at the moment can’t be disabled. You can put whatever email you want in the private staff email- as long as it’s one that exists since you don’t want your system to get a bunch of bounces.

My top suggestion would be to set up an email rule that filters them out of your inbox so at least they aren’t cluttering anything up. I have submitted a feature request for you that there be an option to disable those notifications.