Stay Away from WorldPay for your own good!

Stay the F* away from WorldPay… seriously.

Customer support is non-existent. After 2 weeks of phone calls and emails I finally got a response not related. So I inquired while I had her. Turned out they kept one of my accounts open after multiple requests to close…

…then the kicker. They billed a $199 annual fee to the account that was supposed to be closed to my old bank account which only had a small amount in it. So I get hit with a bunch of overdraft fees because of WP.

When I finally get this lady on the phone, she tells me “Oh yeah that’s the annual fee” I advised her that account was supposed to be closed already AND I’ve never agreed to an annual fee. She just tells me that it’s there annual fee charged to all accounts. I repeated that I never agreed to it, never have paid it, and the account was supposed to be closed and it needs to be refunded. She tells me she doesn’t have the authority to do that. So I asked for someone that could help. She just spouts off the same info “Like I said its the annual fee charged to all accounts”. So I responded with “like I said, I never agreed and I would like to speak to someone that CAN help”. She told me they’d just repeat the same information again, I told her that’s fine, I’d still like to speak to them. So she hung up on me…

I feel your pain. This sounds exactly about the way our experience with WorldPay has been. The sales rep told us no monthly minimums, no monthly fees, no annual fees, said we would simply have the per charge percentage. When we were filling out/signing the application we asked the sales rep, who was on the phone with us as we’re doing the paperwork about the fees mentioned in the application, he reassured us that they wouldn’t apply to us, that we were all online, that those were for brick and mortar businesses running terminals, etc. Very first months billing we’ve got fees out the a**, tokenization this and terminal that - then in December we’re hit with the $199 annual fee on top of it! Complained to the WorldPay people, basically got told I signed the application so I’m screwed. Oh and we’re locked in on a three year contract, so if we cancel, we get hit with more fees. We rarely even accept credit cards, needed the stupid WorldPay account so we could process ACH payments for all our autopay clients. What a crock of poo. SyncroMSP really did everyone a huge disservice by selecting WorldPay as their payment integration - and they have the stones to actually endorse them in the app center and tout about special rates, etc. Should have just stuck with Stripe payments on our old invoicing system (Invoice Ninja).

We haven’t had any issue with worldpay. They did charge us a 199 fee but we called and they immediately reversed it and apologized.

Once we got through the setup, it has been working well, no issues.

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Lucky. The lady I talked to basically did everything but call me stupid, and said they absolutely wouldn’t refund it, and that I had paid it every year, which I haven’t. When I asked to talk to a manager, she refused. Then when I asked again, she told me they would just tell me the same thing and hung up on me.

I don’t understand why Syncro doesn’t support the ACH functionality in Stripe, but pushes WorldPay instead.

Yes, WorldPay is truly awful. I think I’m about 2 years in. Before signing up, I was very specific with the sales rep in confirming that there would be no annual fees, maintenance fees, etc. and was assured there were not. Then a year in, a new “3rd party gateway fee” annual fee appeared. Then a few months later, new and significant “PCI Compliance” fees appeared. Then in early January I noticed the message on my statement about the new/upcoming $199 annual fee, which I immediately emailed my account executive about, advising that I did not agree to it, nor was there any such fee listed in my contract, and asked them to either waive the fee or release my from my contract. I received no reply. Sent it 3 more times throughout January. Tried calling a few times, no answer. Tried calling their general customer service and hung up after 30+ minutes on hold. Tried another time and got someone who barely spoke english, we couldn’t understand each other at all. I finally resorted to mailing a written letter to their corporate office in early Feb. Received no response. Sent another one in mid-march. Still no response. Tried emailing their general sales inquiry email address shown on their website. No response. Tried tweeting them. No response.

I’m so furious at being blatantly ignored after they essentially stole $199 out of my bank account.

I’ve just sent in a ticket to Syncro support to see if they have a contact/liaison that might be able to escalate my concerns and get a response.

So completely this. WP sent ALL of my PII (SSN, EIN, Birth Day, Address, Full Legal Name, Bank Account Number, Routing Number and more!) in the clear via email not once, but TWICE. When I called them out, this was their reply:


I got a response back from our cyber security team. They told me that all emails that
are sent from us are sent using TLS encryprion. So, your information was encrypted
when it was sent. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know. If you
would like to talk please let me know a good time and I will reach out to you.

Kelly Strong
Service Manager
Worldpay from FIS

Their “cyber security team” needs to be fired … opportunistic TLS -ne encryption.

because stripe’s terms of service prohibit MSPs from using it.

Common misconception. They prohibit the “remote tech support” scammers, not legit MSPs.

I decided to say no to WorldPay when I was talking to them because they wanted to hold the first $10,000 of my receivables. 800+ credit score. No thanks.

Worldpay is the worst, now they are holding my money and won’t release it. They want me to send them bank statements which I will NOT do. They have got my company name wrong, they only want me to charge $2,000 at a time, the customer service is really bad. I switched to Stripe today and I’m so happy I did, Worldpay can go to that firey place for all I care.

Agree, run away from Worldpay. I should have smelled their crookedness in the beginning, but trusted the Syncro/WP relationship, big mistake. Not only was their paperwork a nightmare, once started, I had thousands we charged though World Pay, they charged me twice the agreed rate. When I called their answer was it was because of the cards I accepted. Total scammers. RUN. Also had a transaction charged twice, absolute worst customer service, they even goofed up the refund, instead of removing the duplicate, they removed BOTH charges. Thankfully it was only a $500 transaction, which I corrected by charging through stripe. Stripe integration is very smooth, easy to setup, correct rates, etc.

Posted this elsewhere, but it is astonishingly relevant here, too…

We just switched to our bank for merchant services because of how bad Worldpay and Check Commerce have been to us. The Worldpay/Check Commerce solution is not as cheap as they make it out to be. And you don’t want to fall for Worldpay’s vicious contract terms. Also, check commerce is holding funds hostage in the form of “reserve”. Let’s see if I ever get that money back after I cancel. They said I will, but I’m not holding my breath.

I know they said is a “legacy” feature, but I just started using it with no plans to go anywhere else by virtue of our relationship with our bank. I’ll handle my own billing and consider another PSA if they kill or otherwise let rot the integration.

I know people love the modern Stripe solution, but they are extremely expensive in the face of true interchange+ pricing (such as from my bank, or even Worldpay), You also have to deal with Stripe’s automated processes if you have an issue. Heck, even Stripe’s own automated processes cause the issues (such as “flagged” transactions or even entire merchant accounts. All because an algorithm says so). I prefer to have my bank in charge of merchant services. I can drive down the road to the local branch and get help in-person. And they have a modern solution with Oh, and I can use their ACH service which is markedly less expensive than Check Commerce all while offering more flexibility.

I’m not sure who decided to get in bed with Worldpay over, but I have questions… such as, why?