Stale Files

I had a request for cleanup of the server of stale files. From server to server over the year, the files have added up over time. Does anyone know of software that would be good to identify these file? They are working on moving to SharePoint at some point so moving all this stale data does not make sense either.

Thanks in advance for your efforts!

I don’t think any software is really going to do this for you. You could go by date modified or accessed of course, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still want those files. And depending on the kinds of files they may depend on other files to work that haven’t changed. You’re going to have to sit down with people in the company to determine what’s needed. One method I’ve used before is to put everything in a read-only ‘Archive’ folder and then start dragging things out they know they want or as they need them. Then when you’re ready to move to SharePoint maybe the Archive folder contents can just be left local. There’s also a lots of apps for duplicate finding but that’s not really what you’re asking for it I don’t think?

Try this.

forfiles -p C:\Test -s -m *.* -d 01/01/2022 -c "cmd /c echo @file"

This will search for all files that have not been modified in C:\Test or its subfolders since Jan 1 2022.
Its modified, so will not pick up files that have been read but not modified. But might provide you a starting point.

forfiles | Microsoft Learn

Thanks to you both. I was thinking the response might be this but wanted to ask the many brains instead of rely on my small brain. :slight_smile: @DBlue thank you for that. I think that maybe enough to get us moving. Have a great day!

Our philosophy is the client is responsible for their data. You can spend a lot of time “guessing” at what they do or don’t need. Further, it will always be your fault if something goes missing. They can either go through it prior, or you can move everything, setup an archive SP site and sync with someone and let them move stuff between.

Thanks Jimmie. Absolutley agree. I think they just want help identifing the old files so we can archive them.