Splashtop Troubleshooting & FAQ

Syncro includes the Splashtop RMM version as part of its software suite. This allows technicians to remotely connect to customer’s Assets. This guide is not for BYO Splashtop but some of this FAQ is still applicable.

Splashtop Documentation
Splashtop Deep Dive Video
Splashtop Connection Troubleshooting Tool

“HELP! I can’t connect to Splashtop and have no way to reach my users!”
Not to worry! There is a workaround. If you access Backgrounding Tools from the Asset Detail page, it will allow you to start a remote session here. There are a number of possible errors so be sure to send in a screenshot and let us know which asset you’re working with.

“What is installed with Splashtop, does it all run through the Syncro Agent?”
When enabled on the policy, Splashtop will install the Splashtop service and the Splashtop Streamer which is where users can access certain settings regarding their sessions. It does run through the Agent so the only tray icon a user sees is the Syncro Agent.

“What does the Splashtop Streamer do?”
The Streamer manages active connections and contains settings for the session. Users can set a password to be required, find troubleshooting logs, and configure some network settings.

“I installed Splashtop from you, but my customer’s Streamer already has a code?”
The Streamer is shared by all versions of Splashtop, if they ever had any version installed previously then it would retain their old settings.

“Does Splashtop uninstall when I disable it on the policy? How do I get rid of it?”
Since Splashtop is ‘baked-in’ so to speak, it does not uninstall when disabled. If you need to fully remove it, disable it from the policy first then uninstall locally or via script. Check the Community Script Library for relevant scripts.

“My user was prompted by Splashtop for an update?”
Users will get prompts to update the software, but this shouldn’t be all that frequent.

“Can I drag and drop from my Desktop into the Remote Connection?”
YES! :slight_smile:

“I don’t want my user to be alerted that I’m connecting, can I turn this off?”
They will always be alerted, this is by design so there is no way to turn it off.

“I saw the alert that I connected, but then it went away! Can I make it persist?”
Currently, it will disappear but we are always open to feedback!