Splashtop tray icon showing

OK the Syncro Splashtop icon has suddenly started appearing on the taskbar tray on all assets. whats going on??


following… Same issue here. I came looking for a solution.

looks like others are having the same issue

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Same here. A lot of panicked clients. I had a couple users exit splashtop and another remove it because they didn’t know what it was. This is not good.

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Does everyone have a BYO integration who is experiencing this or is there anyone here only using RMM?

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I do not have BYO ST.

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none of us so far has the BYO Splashtop, this icon is for the Syncro provided. This problem has happened at the same time as the BYO problem.

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Okay let’s get that logged, it looks like these are the first reports of it. Since multiple users are seeing it, anyone who hasn’t submitted a ticket yet can do so at help@syncromsp.com and we’ll get you linked to the case for updates.

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Following this. Also notice the icon showing up in the tray icon eventhough we only we Syncro Splashtop.

received this from Support:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

We have confirmed with the dev team and this does in fact seem to be a bug. A bug report has been created for the development team to look into this in order for them to work a fix. I’ll add your info to the issue that is in the development queue.

I’ll be in touch again when there’s news.

Not holding my breath that they will solve this sooner than my last ticket that still has no solution since April last year. ticket no: 55888


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Same issue here, I thought I was going mad.

I am having the same issue

We are having the same issue.

Add me to the list. I noticed this at least a week ago plus.

I do not have BYO. Only RMM

Any update please? been over a week now. Gets pretty frustrating when your clients get changes that you didn’t send…and we have no control over…

Hi Mike, this is still an active case open with development.

I understand that, but almost 2 weeks later and no fix or even an update/acknowledgement for an issue that affects all our clients? I know it’s not a critical bug or even close to the end of the world, but It makes our customers question our technical ability for a fix that in this case is probably very simple. And yes, we did get phone calls about it and all we could say is, “Please be patient”. Takes tech time away from important stuff, is not good for client trust or our confidence in Syncro.

Hey Mike,

We are aware of the issue and our engineering team has it queued for a fix. It requires an agent update so that always adds some time to the process. I do not have an ETA for you, unfortunately, but it is toward the top of the list.

As a stopgap (and yes, I do understand this is extra work we are causing you due to a bug on our end), you can try scripting a registry change for the time being that will disable the tray icon. You can do this by setting the ‘NoTray’ to 1. 0 means show the icon, 1 means hide it. This is the path:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Splashtop Inc.\Splashtop Remote Server

I’m sorry for the pain this has caused you. We will get it resolved.

Has anyone else attempted to uninstall Syncro on an asset recently?

I noticed some odd behaviour I was able to uninstall the Syncro Agent but Splashtop was still on the PC, at least in the past I believed it removed everything.