Splashtop Streamer *Still* Stealing Focus

@Andy even on the latest Syncro version I am getting users saying this issue of the active window being taken over is still happening. When I delete the Syncro agent or change it to a non-remote access policy they confirm it stops, so it looks like the issue must not be fully resolved. So far it has been noted as still happening on these Macs:

MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020) running Big Sur
21.5" iMac (Late 2012) running Catalina
21.5" iMac (Late 2012) running Catalina

Each of those three agents are running the latest 1.7.448 Syncro agent.

Thanks for your continued help.

Your original fix has certainly worked for me and the handful of clients that had raised the problem originally, these are new users coming forward with the issue so something must have been resolved for us but not for them.

I’d open a ticket with support if you haven’t already.