Splashtop Streamer issue or is this normal?


We remoted into the user device, and it looks to be true.

Below we have quoted, what the issue has told us, for now, we deleted the Splashtop Streamer on the user device.

User describing the issue below: “Splashtop steals focus from whatever window I’m working on every 5 minutes or so. That is to say, when I have a browser window, text editor, or terminal window open, the window loses the frontmost status and no longer responds to keyboard events. I’ve tracked the issue down to Splashtop Streamer by observing system console events when the focus events happen. See attached photo to see that every time I lose window focus, the “SetFrontProcess…” event is logged from Splashtop Streamer. This is a severe productivity blocker for me. I need this software disabled.”

Hi @m6it, welcome to the community! Do you mind raising a ticket with support? We shipped a fix for this issue, I will need them to look into why your still experiencing this.

We moved the user into a new policy to avoid Splashtop Streamer to be reinstalled for the time being.