Splashtop Slow

Hello All

Am testing Syncro at the moment but find the Splashtop component very slow and cumbersome. Why can’t it remain active between reboots, finding myself disconnecting and reconnecting to endpoints which take around 15 seconds to come live.

Anyone else having issues with this? Have used CW Connect in the past which is great am not liking Splashtop at all.

ST is a bit slower than CWC. The RMM version is gimped, the paid business subscription works a lot better. ST has chosen to gimp their RMM version for w/e reason, probably to push sales, but I’m sure it’s having the opposite effect because if you just used their RMM version, you’d never purchase it.


Yup. @Jimmie nailed it.

To be clear, there are a few functionality differences between Splashtop RMM and Splashtop Business. That said, speed wise they should be identical. The RMM variant doesn’t have a few things like multiple techs logging into the same asset at the same time, as well as well as a single view with all monitors (it instead shows one monitor and you can toggle between them that way).

Thanks Andy for the feedback, see no way of remoting into a device from a mobile device either? Is this planned?

You can from mobile. If you use your browser and log into the Syncro web app and launch a remote session, it will launch via Splashtop RMM. You just need to download the Splashtop RMM app from your respective app store.