Splashtop: RMM & BYO Upgrades Causing Failures?

Today I had three machines from different customers remove themselves from Splashtop BYO. The logs say they were unlinked. No customer touched it. From what I have read in here, you have to install BYO before RMM Splashtop. If that is correct, is it possible that the upgrades to Splashtop version are kicking the BYO out? Therefore only leaving the RMM version?

Hi Mark, if BYO is enabled it should stay enabled. However, if BYO was not installed via the agent, there may be times when it reinstalls it so that it is applied by the agent. Were those installations done outside of Syncro?

No. BYO had been enabled via Syncro prior to RMM Splashtop.

I wouldn’t expect it to make any changes or uninstall, that’s odd- can you send in a ticket to help@syncromsp.com with the name of the asset? We’ll need to dig into the logs on that.