Splashtop Remote sessions (by tech)

Is there a report that shows the RMM side of things? We have a client that thinks we’re connecting when we aren’t. really, I’m happy to be rid of him should he leave, but to cover ourselves, is there a report I can generate that shows me users and who they’ve connected to in a date range?

Asset Audit Report and you can filter by Remote Session Started. It looks like backgrounding_tools has been left off the filters, but if you don’t filter, you can see those as well.

You can still do a search for “backgrounding_tools” and it will only show those sessions

I feel like I missed something (ignore the CPU’s here… this client is insanely cheap… hence me wanting to dump them.

I’m not sure what you are showing here, but if you go to Reports > Asset Audit Report, you can see activity by customer. Then there’s a filter to filter the activity or perform a search and then you can export the results.

Sorry. should’ve included more details. that was a cap from the asset audit report:

Sorry my mistake, Asset Activity Audit report.

That makes sense. I’ll check again