Splashtop printer - remove

Does anyone know how to stop the Splashtop remote printer from being installed/setup on endpoints?

Syncro support can verify but I believe that is set in the deployment package which you do not have access to unless this is BYO and not the deafult Syncro install. I looked for a reg key that you could change, doesn’t look like it uses one for the remote printer.


Thanks @michael13
I’m using the Splashtop thats included with Syncro, so I don’t have access to the deployment package.
I did a little digging.
This webpage gave me a hint.
The Splashtop Printer is setup at the time of connection and removed when the connection terminates. (assuming the Splashtop connection doesn’t crash)
Splashtop Remote Printer does not show in the printer list. – Splashtop Business - Support

I went hunting and found on the technician machine a batch file in the Splashtop folders that is responsible for setting up the Splashtop printer.
Commenting out lines 2 and 3, prevents the Splashtop Printer from being created at the other end.