Splashtop Not working after Laptops are Dormant for a Month

We have a client that we saged about 20 laptops for a month ago. They had some delays rolling out the project and have finally gotten to it. Oddly, we can’t connect to the Splashtop on most of these laptops without uninstalling the Syncro Client and reinstalling it.

Two thoughts 1) Why? 2) is there a script to uninstall and reinstall the Splashtop client on these laptops so we can get them running without using the sos.splashtop.com route?

Question 1 may be a topic better suited for a Splashtop forum but thought I’d see if you had any similar experiences.

This script will force an update of the Streamer (or reinstall) and will not impact any previous settings or BYO. It can also be used to install the Streamer that the RMM version can use.

Import-Module $env:SyncroModule
$workingdir = "c:\temp"
$url = "https://my.splashtop.com/csrs/win"
$file = "$($workingdir)\streamer.exe"

# Test if the working directory exist
    If(!(test-path $workingdir))
        New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path $workingdir

# Download
    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -OutFile $file
# Install
        start-process -wait -Filepath $file -ArgumentList "prevercheck /s /i hidewindow=1"
        Start-Sleep -s 3
        Write-Host "Deleting Installer"
        Remove-Item -path $file
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Perfect - thank you Jimmie!